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Online Coach, David Hatch

What if I could help you get your time and energy back in 60 days?

Life changing stuff. Big claim, but it can HAPPEN.

Fitness, to me, is about training humane. It's personalized and individual, not prepackaged. It's humble, daily shifts and mental persistance. Mainly, it doesn't have to be overwhelming. 

There's more to LIFE than Instagram selfies, measuring your calories on a scale and guilt deprive. Better health is about enjoying LIFE more with the people you LOVE.

Small changes can equal massive results. 

It comes down to daily choices. Small shifts in nutrition, moving more, and getting your muscles ready for action. Couple that with a fired up, forward moving, "won't be denied", winning mindset and KABOOM: YOU FEEL GREAT!

Suddenly, you're enjoying friends & family more, participating in activities you enjoy and LIVING AN ENHANCED LIFE.

Give me a short 60 days of locked in effort and I'll help you get there.


Every day I help busy people take control of their fitness, gain confidence, increase energy and get their life under control! Trust me... anyone can do it with the right guidance and tools.

A partner in health. Let me do it for you. Here's what they're saying...  

Rob Patterson‎ - former Professional Baseball player (Toronto Blue Jays system)  

"This guy is a pro! He set up a 21 day Dad bod challenge for six, 40 something year olds. We all had amazing results. I am down to 207 pounds (from 215) I feel stronger. I feel lighter. I can tell my tummy has gotten smaller :) After living such a sedentary life style since my kids were born I now have more energy to keep moving foward! If you are looking for a trainer Dave Hatch is the guy. He is well educated. He is exciting. He is awesome! Thanks so much Dave for getting me back on track!! "

Darryl Reid – Great Britain National Baseball Team (World Baseball Classic)  

"Started at 272, after 21 days I am 261. I kicked a pretty intense energy drink and Coca-Cola habit and just focused on drinking water. A long way to go still but...big thanks to Dave Hatch. Will hopefully lead to 365 days of health with the odd beer with buds!"

Damon Kazlovskis - Claims Specialist, Golfer, SUPERDAD.  

"Loved the challenge. Lots of love and motivation. My body feels good getting back into the routine and I'll keep that going (along with the smoothies!). Lots of motivation, and, I loved the exercise videos you used to demonstrate. Good stuff Dave!"


Individually designed program, because you're a RARE BREED!


Complete access to your program (Trainerize) and Coach Hatch, anywhere worldwide!


Relentless support given, questions answered and directions clear.


Forward focused progression towards a better LIFE.


In constant competition with time, we will battle. Just like an athlete, we will always need...


Mobility work gets you longer and stronger and can improve the range of motion of our joints and muscles. Mobility training can alleviate 'everyday' aches and pains, decrease injury risk as well as improve body awareness and posture. 

Strength & Endurance

If you're not getting stronger, you're getting weaker. There's 99 reasons you should be getting moving but you only need one. YOU, and your soon to be more enjoyable LIFE. 


Every team needs a winning game plan. Even the greatest of athletes need relentless coaching, motivation, adjustments and accountability. Execute the GAME PLAN.

Culture & Mindset

Prioritize what needs to be done and follow the game plan. Do we want more energy? Less Pain? Strength? Weight Loss? The ability to enjoy our families more? IT'S ON US. We need to make it happen. Stop at nothing to live the life you dream of. Take control of the game. 

Passion & Hustle


A grizzled fitness professional of nearly two decades, David has experienced it all. A former NCAA and provicial athlete, David's passion, energy and positive attidude helps good people get their swagger back. Relentless support. Honest heart. Let's take the momentum towards an incredible life.

Ready to 'turn the page' on bad health?

"Fitness" should not be based on guilt and self doubt. Life should be pain free, the ability to move well with energy and feeling comforable in your skin.  

If you're fed up with the struggle, ready to have some fun, commit to a serious effort and get custom, progressive coaching and get RESULTS... then...


8 Strateges to Acheive Your Dream of a Happier, Healthier Life.

  • Small shifts = BIG RESULTS
  • Smoothing out the bumps in the road.
  • Taking ACTION